OnsideCounsel attorneys work with your business to develop the best intellectual property strategy to suit your business needs.

We conduct audits of your existing intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain names, etc.) and work with your business to develop an intellectual property prosecution and plan.

Our staff will review current and proposed trademarks in order to determine (registerability) whether protection is possible.

Trade secrets consist of that intellectual property which is protected by maintaining its existence a secret. The property is protected through agreements and policies and procedures rather than through filing with the Patent and Trademark Office. It is important that the owner of trade secrets have the following in place:
  • Non-Disclosure/ confidentiality agreements
  • Determinations and recommendations as to maintaining confidential information and technologies as trade secret versus seeking patent or copyright protection
  • Development of business procedures, conducting of audits, and conducting of employee/ staff training seminars for the protection and securing of trade secrets and know-how
  • Transfer, assignment, and licensing transactions for trade secret properties


Our attorneys assist businesses in the selection, clearance, filing, prosecution and maintenance of their State, Federal and global trademark portfolios.  We can:

  • draft and prosecute applications
  • maintain all client marks on our proprietary docketing system to ensure that deadlines for actions are not missed
  • coordinate international filings with local counsel. Onside Counsel attorneys have established close working relationships with intellectual property agents throughout the world to ensure proper global intellectual property protection for our clients
  • file and/or answer oppositions and cancelation actions
  • set up and monitor watch services to ensure proper maintenance of marks
  • render trademark infringement opinions

Our attorneys are available to help you understand intellectual property. We provide seminars and and counseling sessions in order to educate our clients about the importance of proper intellectual property use and protection.

Our programs are individualized to ensure that we provide the information you need to succeed in your business.

Some of our programs have focussed on: Intellectual property basics; Establishing an Intellectual Property Portfolio and Maintaining a Healthy Business.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our educational programs.

Copyright attorneys provide protection to authors of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual works, both published and unpublished. Please note that copyright protection does not protect the subject matter of the work, but rather the form of expression.

Attorneys at OnsideCounsel provide review of works whicha re to be submitted to the Library of Congress for copyright registration protection, prepare and file the copyright applications and monitor and prosecute the applications until they are registered.

Although it is not necessary to register the works to obtain copyright protection, there are definite advantages to doing so. Copyright law is complicated. Our attorneys help our clients understand the laws as they relate to our clients and asist them to make decisions which best protect their interests.

Our firm handles the following copyright matters:
  • Copyright search services
  • Preparation and filing of copyright applications
  • Prosecution of copyright applications before the United States Copyright Office
  • Transfer, assignment and licensing transactions for copyright properties
  • Work for Hire agreements and related employment agreements

We provide temporary or project-based support services. Our attorneys have extensive experience as in-house counsel and are available on a contract basis.

Our attorneys are available to assist clients in the event of medical or maternity leaves and overflow situations.

We also serve as outside general counsel to smaller businesses which do not have the need or finances to hire a full time in-house counsel.
Increasingly, clients are recognizing the value OnsideCounsel has to offer.
OnsideCounsel attorneys have over 15 years of experience in-house as well as with large law firms.

OnsideCounsel attorneys are affordable and focussed on the needs of their clients.
Clients love the fact that attorneys at OnsideCounsel act as strategic partners....
OnsideCounsel attorneys are truly on your side....

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact gwenn@Onsidecounsel.com or call 781.888.0424.


In addition to registration of intellectual property rights, our attorneys help clients protect their intellectual property through the use of proper agreements.

Examples of typical agreements drafted and negotiated on behalf of our clients include: non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, technical services, engineering and design, joint venture, joint research and development agreements, software licensing and development agreements, work for hire agreements and employment related agreements with intellectual property clauses.