Our clients depend on us to handle all of their corporate matters. We provide cost effective, efficient and professional legal assistance so our clients can focus on their business and not focus on legal matters and compliance.

Our Services include:

  • Managing corporate governance matters
  • Negotiating agreements and managing due diligence for corporate acquisitions and divestures
  • Setting up entities and subsidiaries and appropriate inter-company agreements
  • Advising clients on joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing, employment, regulatory, and anti-trust matters
  • Implementing corporate compliance guidelines and programs

OnsideCounsel is not a law firm.  Rather, we are the result of a partnership of two seasoned attorneys with over 30 years of in-house and law firm experience between us.  Our clients hire us as part-time in-house counsel to provide them with immediate and affordable legal counsel.  

Generally speaking, we are viewed as an employee and a member of the team so our clients don't have to worry about billable hours and are not concerned about asking us questions for fear of receiving an outrageous bill.….

Because there are two of us, we offer more coverage and availability.  We both have significant corporate and intellectual property experience.

Our pricing model is flexible.  You will find that our fees are oftentimes more affordable than an attorney who is 3 years out of law school and who has worked for a large firm.  And, more importantly, we have the experience necessary to do the job right the first time.

We can offer a fixed fee price schedule or we can offer an hourly fee. Our fixed fee schedule is based on a guarantee of a certain number of hours/week and a minimum engagement of 3 months.  Our hourly fee is discounted significantly for engagements of more than 20 hours/week.

If you would like to learn more about OnsideCounsel and its legal services, please contact us at gwenn@onsidecounsel.com or (781) 888-0424.